Database Optimisation


Building a database is one objective but monetising that base is a completely different task. A customer database with behavioural, lifestyle or transactional information is a hugely valuable asset and one that you can use profitably to increase your own product listings or enter into joint ventures offering third party products to your existing base.


At The PS Group we pride ourselves in providing monetising opportunities both for product owners using our extensive database and also for data owners against our own products.


Where a product is strong but has yet to create the route to market, we are in a position to use our database to help you enter the market

cost-effectively. Talk to us about joint ventures and how you can start generating revenue quickly.


Data owners and data generators can monetise their lists through supplying customer information for the

use of selling our products. We look at recency and validity as the two main characteristics in acquiring data. Previous consumer relationships where previously acquired information can be used at the point of sale can also boost revenue with higher conversion rates on sale.


Talk to us on how we can generate revenue out of your database.

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